Painting & Printing

Date: September 2017 - ongoing

Group: Adults with intellectual disabilities

Description: I teach this class on a weekly basis during term time. It takes place at CF HQ, in a lovely large and airy art classroom in the heart of Friary Park.

I teach the students various painting and printing techniques such as mono printing, watercolours, etching, marbling, fabric painting. I also introduce them to art movements and artists for example Pop Art with Peter Blake & Andy Warhol.

I aim to educate and inspire the students, whilst also allowing plenty of time for free thinking and creative self expression. I often close the class with a discussion about the work that the students have created. Then, each week their work is added to their portfolios, to be taken home at the end of each term. The class is very lively and I work together with a class assistant and a number of volunteers to ensure the learning environment is extremely supportive and uplifting.