Neuro Rehab

Date: May 2017 - Present

Group: Neuro Rehab Patients at Charing Cross Hospital

Description: I visit the Neuro Rehab ward once a week in Charing Cross hospital to run a two hour art class for a group of up to 7 patients. The objectives of this group are to increase hand mobility, to provide an opportunity for conversation and intellectual stimulation. I use fine art techniques and sensory materials, often introducing the group to the work of other artists and also look at art movements throughout history. We have lots of discussion and listen to music which suits the tone of the lesson such as jazz, blues, folk or any requests the patients might have. The patients on this ward are usually in hospital for a few months, and so after getting to know them I try to incorporate the interests of the group members into my session plans, for example one lady was a florist and so I brought in fresh flowers for the group to paint. These workshops are all funded by The Imperial health Charity - an independent charity that funds research and projects that help improve patient healthcare at the five London hospitals of Imperial College Healthcare NHS.

Feedback: ‘Thanks again Rhian, for another really super workshop. I am so impressed with the level of engagement you are able to get from people with quite complex needs.Great photos and the wall hangings have been much admired.’ - Sarah Daniels, Neuro Rehab Ward