Battersea Place is a retirement community where the residents can enjoy an enriched, independent lifestyle but with security, and opportunities for companionship and new friends. I visit once a fortnight to teach a group of residents beginner-intermediate level drawing skills. 


Each session is themed around a different visual topic such as the figure, fruit and vegetables, landscapes, hands, tools, plants... Each class begins with 2-3 warm up exercises designed to loosen up the fingers and free up the mind. Throughout the class I teach skills such as perspective drawing, creating tone and texture and using colour and also introduce works from various relevant artists.


I incorporate a range of both traditional and more experimental materials such as charcoal and chalks, graphite sticks, marker pens, quill and ink, pencil crayon and textured and coloured papers. 



The group started out as a 10 week trial course back in March and after lots of positive feedback the group of regular attendees the class is now ongoing! Residents have commented that the class is interesting, stimulating and useful in terms of discovering new media to work with.